Blanche Macdonald Center

Welcome to Blanche Macdonald, an internationally recognized college for the creative and applied arts. Since 1960, the Blanche Macdonald Centre has been dedicated to providing world-class education in a supportive and creative environment. Blanche’s Diploma Programs in Makeup, Fashion, Hair and Esthetics consistently produce industry professionals who are rising to the top of their fields.
Each year Blanche Macdonald graduates more than 1000 students from the three campuses in Vancouver, Canada. Whether you hope to become a Makeup Artist, a Fashion Marketing Professional, a Fashion Designer, a Hair Professional or a Spa Therapist, our innovative Diploma Programs can open the door to successful careers in Canada and beyond. Learn from leading experts in one of the world’s most livable cities, and experience life in Canada as we prepare you to launch your career.



Global Makeup Artistry Diploma Program
International Makeup Studio Diploma Program
Part time Freelance Makeup Artistry Associate Diploma Program


Global Fashion Marketing Diploma Program
Fashion Design Diploma Program
International Fashion Marketing Diploma Program


Full Time Professional Hairstyling Diploma Program Advanced
Part Time Professional Hairstyling Diploma Program Foundations

Professional Esthetics/ Spa Therapist

Esthetics/SPA Therapy Diploma Program

Nail Studio

Part time Pro Nail Parlour Diploma Program