British Columbia Institute of Technology

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    • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Program
    • Business Administration Program
    • Interior Design Program


  • One of Canada’s largest post-secondary educational institutions.
  • Nearly 50,000 students enrolled annually.
  • Programs developed with leading employers and industry associations.
  • Instructors have years of industry expertise and professional designations.
  • BCIT is a world leader in the knowledge transfer of applied education through capacity building and program delivery overseas in many emerging countries.
  • Since 2015/2016, BCIT enrollment of international students has increased by two-hundred percent, to today’s enrollment of over 3,100 students from 90 countries in full-time and part-time programs.
  • Over the past decade, BCIT has partnered with more than 150 institutions across the globe, more than 20 of which deliver international diploma programs overseas to over 5,000 international students.
  • 95% degree-program graduates currently employed.
  • 81% diploma-program graduates currently employed.
  • 89% apprentice completers currently employed.