Dorset College

School Introduction 

Founded in 1981, a destination of choice, students and faculty come from across the nation and the world to take advantage of Dorset College’s unique and diverse community.

  • 1 Campus: 
    • Vancouver 

  • Terms:
    • Fall (September),
    • Spring  (January),
    • Summer (May)

  • Programs and courses
    • ESL Course
    • Academic Preparation Program
    • University Transfer Program
    • Certificate Program 

  • Hot Programs
    • University Transfer Program – Business Administration, Business Studies, Tourism & Hospitality Management 
    • Automotive Service Technician Studies Program


  • Dorset College is cooperating with following schools:​
    •     Cape Breten University
    •     Dalhousie University
    •     Royal Road University
    •     University of North British Columbia
  • Provide Extra-curricular Activities and elective classes