J. Addison School

At J. Addison School, we cultivate a multidimensional educational environment that goes beyond academic accomplishments and personal achievements. We motivate our students to aim high and to push boundaries but also never to lose sight of respecting and embracing the uniqueness and talents of one another. We arm them with skills and values which are vital to becoming a responsible global citizen, so they will be ready to face the future with confidence, integrity, compassion, independence, and leadership.

  • Programs:
    • Grades 9-12
  • ​​Accommodations:
    • Boarding Program

Additional Features

  • J. Addison offers a variety of activities such as arts, sports, music, leadership and other after-school programs to further enrich student life.
  • Field trips to historical and cultural attractions are organized regularly to allow students to fully experience the Canadian culture and to learn about our world by immersion.
  • Mentors and tutors are readily available to help students succeed