Kells Academy

Enter a welcoming environment that encourages openness to learning and life.  At Kells Academy, we understand that each student is unique with experiences, interests and cultural lifestyles that are all their own.  Since we first opened our doors in 1978, we have recognized that a one-size-fits-all approach to learning does not work.  Our challenge is to understand these differences and provide an innovative environment that celebrates uniqueness while offering a diversity of learning approaches, ensuring our students a learning experience that is rich and meaningful.  

At Kells, flexibility is key.  It’s also what distinguishes us from other schools.  The curriculum provides the structure,  yet its implementation is adaptable.  We develop individualized programs, allowing students to work within their comfort zone, which may be above, below, or at grade level.

  • Programs:
    • Grades 7-11
    • Online grade 12 (Ontario Diploma)
  • ​​Accommodations:
    • On-campus residence (students aged 10-18)
    • Homestay Program

Additional Features

  • International residence provides academic support and weekend activities
  • Kells has a variety of extracurricular activities