Niagara Christian Collegiate

Niagara Christian Collegiate (NCC) is an independent Christian college located on the beautiful Niagara River in Ontario, Canada, near the famous Niagara Falls. NCC has a long history and excellent tradition. As early as 1932, it has provided students with quality education, growing their knowledge and wisdom, and developing their leadership skills and self-discipline for their future achievements while respecting the good foundation based on the Biblical Truth.

  • Programs:
    • Grades 6-12
  • ​​Accommodations:
    • Homestay Program
    • Campus Dormitories

Additional Features

  • Small class sizes and individualized attention and care for each student
  • In 2014, 48% of the graduates were admitted to the University of Toronto
  • NCC has more than 45 years of experience in hosting international students to study in Canada