Red River College

School Introduction 

Red River College provides you with all the tools you need to accomplish your goals, from improving your English to applying to an academic program to succeeding in the program itself. It all takes place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, a friendly, safe and affordable city in the heart of Canada. One year of study at Red River College costs approximately 35% less than one year of study and living in Vancouver or Toronto.

  • 7 Campuses:
    • Notre Dame 
    • The Roblin Centre 
    • Paterson GLobalFoods Institute 
    • Massey Building 
    • ACE Project Space 
    • Language Training Centre 
    • Stevenson

  • Terms 
    • Fall (September)​
    • Winter (January)
    • Spring (May)

  • Programs and courses ​
    • ESL Course
    • Academic Preparation Program​
    • Certificate Programs
    • Diploma Programs
    • Degree Programs
    • Graduate Programs 

  • Hot Programs
    • ​Computer and Information Systems Technology ​
    • Engineering and CAD Technology 
    • Business 


  • Learn English
    • RRC’s Language Training Centre is one of the premier language training facilities in Canada and is equipped to provide you with exceptional English training.
  • Hands-on Experience
    • At RRC, you don’t just sit in classrooms all day long. From tearing apart vehicles to mixing pharmaceuticals to producing your own TV news features, our programs give you the chance to learn through experience.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology
    • As a student at RRC, you get to work with the most modern technology, helping you stay current with industry standards.