Online Learning – An Experience to Embrace

Thompson Rivers University is mostly going to be operating remotely this fall 2020 – students will largely be taking classes and accessing service entirely online. Of course, TRU will be ensuring student safety throughout this process and especially for those courses on campus. While this will be a big change for many students, it is also an opportunity and possible experience of a more flexible schedule, new skills and new learnings.

Safety First – A TRU Priority

Thompson Rivers University wants to ensure students that their safety is of most importance in the upcoming semester. In light of COVID19, they will thus be delivering almost all of their classes online. Any courses continuing in-person, such as trades, theatre and studio courses, will be indicated online via your course schedule. Further, any plans to reopen in the future will come down from the Provincial Health Officer.

Online Learning Experience – New Methods for Teaching

It will be up to teacher discretion to determine how classes will proceed – teachers may choose different methods depending on their preference. For example, some teachers may have small group sessions where you can talk to your instructor, while others may offer presentations with voice over. Regardless of the method, you can still expect interesting courses that promote discussion and excite you about learning.

Teachers have spent lots of time this summer getting ready to move courses to entirely online formats. They are prepping to continue offering you great courses, learning skills to fit future studies or employment opportunities. Skills such as time management, software knowledge, and distance communication will become much easier for you in the new online setting.

Connecting with Campus Services

Students are still able to connect with campus services remotely in this upcoming semester. Services including the wellness centre and libraries will be accessible via phone, email, or chat. Further, there’s even a course from TRU that is entirely free to help you transition to online delivery of both classes and campus services. Keep in mind TRU has always had online learning and service methods, they’ll be drawing on this to continue providing an excellent educational experience.

TRU encourages students to continue their education this upcoming fall 2020 semester! The institution is taking all measures to ensure they keep students, faculty and staff safe. But at the same time also delivering a rewarding educational experience. Despite unprecedented changes, education and university can still turn out to be amazing – keep going TRU students!