Vancouver Community College

School Introduction 

  • 3 Campuses: 
    • Downtown Vancouver
    • Vancouver
    • Annacis Island

  • Terms: 
    • Variables

  • Programs and courses
    • ESL Course: English as a Second Language
    • University Transfer Programs
    • Certificate Programs
    • Diploma Programs
    • Degree Programs
    • Vocational Programs

  • Hot Programs
    • Culinary and Baking Program
    • Automotive Collision Repair Program
    • Hospitality Management Program

Walk into any five-star hotel, award-winning kitchen, bakery, music studio, auto-shop, or hospital in Vancouver and you’re sure to meet a talented and successful VCC grad. Our commitment to the community, and advanced skills training ensures our students are well positioned to break new ground in their chosen fields after graduation. With over 15,000 students annually, including a growing number of International and Aboriginal learners, VCC is uniquely positioned to offer both academic and applied career programming and skills training.


  • 95% of graduates are employed,
  • 14,350 Students registered annually